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Charles Newfield

To whom it may concern,

It is with great pride that I write this letter of recommendation for Sweet Davis, owner of CAPK9. I have been employed with the Birmingham Police Department for over seventeen years as a police officer. Before my employment with the Birmingham Police Department, I began working with and training police canines dating back to 1988. To this date, I have over twenty-six years of experience in the training of police canines. This experience has allowed me to work with numerous canine teams from many different law-enforcement agencies. Also, I have had the opportunity to attend countless law-enforcement training schools throughout my law-enforcement career.

I first met Sweet Davis, owner of CAPK9, in the mid-1990s. I have now known Sweet Davis for over twenty years. During this time, I have witnessed her build her business from the ground up. She has accomplished success through hard work and dedication, which has allowed her to establish her brand name. She has always demonstrated a high level of pride in her reputation by always striving in customer satisfaction and standing behind her product.

Every canine that comes through CAPK9 is highly trained while utilizing proven European training methods. In addition to producing a highly trained police canine, all of the officers who go through a training program at CAPK9 receive intense training in the fields of canine handling, officer safety, maintenance training, and record-keeping, case laws, and proper canine care.

One of the many things that separate CAPK9 from all other police canine training schools in the network (family) of officers that she has brought together. Her monthly training schedules where officers meet approximately twice a month for maintenance training. This is a hugely beneficial training tool that is offered to every canine officer that goes through any of her training programs. By having this type of resource, canine officers are able to work together and train for real-life scenarios that they have each encountered in the field with their working police canines. This type of resource also helps with maintaining the canine's training and solving any problems that may arise. Again, she offers this training to all of the canine teams that come through her school at no additional cost.

In addition to her monthly training schedules, she also holds a Five-day seminar/recertification workshop each year. During this seminar, officers are allowed to recertify with their canines while also receiving eight hours of continuing education training. A large portion of the educational training is informing officers of the most up to date case laws regarding police canines. This ensures that each canine officer is operating under the most current rulings of the Supreme Court. I have personally attended this seminar on three different occasions and can tell you that it is very informative and valuable.

As you can see, CAPK9 offers so much more than just a sold canine to a law-enforcement agency. Sweet Davis has shown me the importance of building a relationship with the departments who come to her for her services and making sure that the needs of each department are met. Throughout the years that I have known and trained with Sweet Davis, she has always demonstrated to me to be an expert in the field of law-enforcement canine training. We are so very fortunate to have this type of training facility right here in Alabama, and I would highly recommend CAPK9 to any law-enforcement agency.


Officer Charles Newfield

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Lt. Wayne Barlow

To whom it may concern,

I am a lieutenant with the Prattville, AL Police Department. I am writing this letter as a reference for Sweet Davis and Central Alabama Police Canine to anyone interested in purchasing a canine for their department. In 1998, my agency purchased a single purpose Narcotics Detection K-9 from CAP K-9. I served as his only handler until his retirement in 2011. During that time, we attended weekly training sessions and yearly certifications with CAP K-9. My agency has since purchased another K-9 from Mrs. Davis and is very happy with the performance of this K-9 also.

During my time as a handler, I had the opportunity to attend K-9 seminars taught by other trainers and see handlers work dogs that were purchased from many different vendors. Some vendors were very thorough and the skill level of their K-9 teams were impressive. Some were not so impressive. I can attest that the level of training provided to CAP K-9 teams prepared them to be competitive with any other K-9 team anywhere. Handlers who have completed CAP K-9’s basic handler school have received the proper amount of training to succeed on the street.

I would recommend any agency that is considering the purchase of a K-9 for Law Enforcement work to seriously consider CAP K-9. Mrs. Davis has an extensive knowledge of K-9 training techniques and K-9 behavior. She has a unique ability to read a dog and fix potential problems. One thing that sets CAP K-9 apart is the fact that they provide free weekly training sessions. These sessions allow a handler to work on their skills while observing other teams work, all under the watchful eye of a certified trainer who can fix any problems and work with the teams to hone their skills. Mrs. Davis is always very helpful and gives the teams solutions to fix any mistakes they make in training searches. I am unaware of any other vendors that provide a service like this free of charge.

CAP k-9 is not the only vendor that can provide a dog to your agency, but in my opinion, they are the best. Your handler team will graduate with the necessary skill set to succeed on the street. They will be given ample opportunity to hone their skills around other teams.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions that I may be able to assist with.

Lt. Wayne Barlow Prattville Police Department

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Scott Beckham

It is with great pleasure to provide this letter of recommendation about Master Instructor Sweet Davis. I have known and trained under Sweet Davis for approximately five years. I have been a certified canine handler in law enforcement for four years.

In the past four years, I have received two police canines from Sweet Davis, which I use daily. I have had the opportunity to attend several courses conducted at Central Alabama Police K-9, instructed by Mrs. Davis. This would include the narcotics detection class, full patrol, and bomb detection in which I have received certification in all three aspects. Mrs. Davis’s levels were superior in instruction and teaching. These classes prepared me for real-world deployments on the street as a police officer.

There is no doubt that Mrs. Davis is a professional and highly qualified canine instructor in all aspects of police working dogs. She is very dedicated to the industry of police working dogs; she devotes her time and energy every day to ensure that you receive the best training available.

Through Mrs. Davis’ expert training and instruction, I have had the opportunity to train both of my canines. Usually, the canines have already had the preparation and trained upon the handler receiving them. I was given my first canine in May of 2009, and now he is a certified full patrol canine. This means he can do narcotics, tracking, and aggression work. I also received my bomb detection canine in May of 2013 and was certified with her by August 2013 in bomb detection.

 I know, I have a pair of police working canines that can be deployed in any situation, and I will be confident that they will perform above and beyond what is expected of them.

If you are a Chief or an Administrator in your department, and you are looking to start a canine program, I would highly recommend Mrs. Davis and Central Alabama Police K-9. This is a superior, top-notch agency and program.


(Scott Beckham)

K-9 Officer / Patrol

Millbrook, Police Department

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Erick Smitherman

Dear Sweet Davis

 My name is Erick Smitherman. I am a 15-year career police officer with the City of Clanton. I am the commander of the narcotics unit and have been a K9 handler for 12 years.  

 In the year 2000, I started a career in law enforcement. There are many reasons I choose this profession. One of the reasons is the law enforcement service K9. I always wanted to be a K9 handler. There was still something about the love of a dog that would give his life for his partner. These dogs never came to work in a bad mood like so many of us. The only thing these k9s wanted was to please the handler. I did not know who Sweet Davis was and did not know that she trained police k9s. One day my wife and I were in a restaurant in Chilton County eating dinner. I overheard a lady talking about a k9 that was just too much for someone to handle. I heard them talking about dogs and training them. I turned around and spoke to her and ask about the dog. At this time, I knew nothing about WORKING dogs, and she could tell. I informed you that this dog was not a pet, but if I were looking for a dog or wanted to learn, I was welcome to come out and watch them train. I left the restaurant and never got involved. In 2003 I went to work for the Chilton County Sheriff's office and got my first K9 partner. I have now been to K9 for almost 12 years. I have worked with many K9 instructors and learned a lot from all of them. 

In 2006 I got involved with Central Alabama Police K9 (Sweet Davis). I started learning that unlike another specialty in law enforcement, K9 was a calling, and you had to love it and love the dogs. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication for a K9 program to work. I quickly learned that training K9 for police was a calling for Sweet Davis. People can say that these people are in this for the money and just out to sell a K9. Well, what makes me impressed with Sweet and her training facility is the amount of money that is given away in the years I have known her. In this company, it's a little different than others that sell K9 dogs. I have watched this company become a family with its handlers. I watch the handlers come down on off day's weekends, and any time they get a chance because of the love of the k9 program. I have personally observed this company care more about making the officer happy and helping build k9 programs than making money. You ask how? I have watched officers on many occasions, come to Sweet, and want a program for the department they work for. I have observed Sweet help these people in any way possible if she truly thinks they want a K9 for the right reasons. I have been there when she has given the dogs away and help train the dogs for free. I know of at least five agencies that needed.

K9s and out of her pocket gave them the dogs just because they genuinely could not afford it, and it was the only way the officer would be able to work a k9. Sweet has always been there when you need something and is still willing to help. Sweet has training day every other Wednesday, and this does not cost the officers or the department anything. I think sometimes people don't realize that this is almost 300 hours of her time every year that the company gets nothing for others that helping officers maintain their k9s. I think this is a specialized company and Sweet is a special

A person who has a love for the working police k9 and will do anything to continue building up our Police K9 officers in Alabama and the United States.

If anyone would like to talk to me in person, I can be reached at Clanton Police Department 205-755-1194

Sincerely ( Lt. Erick Smitherman ) 

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J.F. Steele

To whom it may concern,

I desire to provide this Letter of Reference for Kennel Master/Trainer Sweet Davis of whom I’ve known and worked with for over sixteen years. As a Shift Commander/Supervisor, General Crimes, and Narcotics Investigator for more than forty decades, I have had the opportunity to incorporate my police canine in those duties throughout the last twenty years.

While serving as a canine handler for the last sixteen years, I have had the opportunity to receive two police canines, training, and on-going training from Ms. Davis for over sixteen years. Of all the available providers for this type of canine training, I have learned and noted how Ms. Davis’ programs are top of the line and second to none. Her training programs far exceed that of any other training available, as indicated by the successes of the canines in the field performance. 

There is no question that Ms. Davis is a highly professional and dedicated Kennel Master/Trainer of whom I’ve learned to admire and trust for the best quality services to law enforcement needs.

One example of Ms. Davis’ professional training is through the requests I receive for my canine services in narcotics detection. Several years ago, a federal law enforcement agency (United States Postal Service) requested my services. After seeing the results of the Narcotics, K9 searches my particular team has been repeatedly asked to perform “sniff’s” to further their investigations concerning trafficking of narcotics through the mail channels. The canine has been so thoroughly trained and maintained, under the tutelage of Ms. Davis that the Federal Court Justices from the Middle District of Alabama continuously remark upon the credibility and professionalism of the canine. It is also known that the United States Courts most often require a Narcotics Detection canine to maintain a minimum of approximately 45% find rate. My team, through training by Ms. Davis, maintains a constant find rate of over 97%. These statistics speak highly of how Ms. Davis maintains her training standards! 

An additional example of the outstanding training and professional standards demanded in Ms. Davis’ practice was revealed after a federal court trial/hearing. Unbeknownst to me at the start of the trial, the defense team brought in a well-known defense expert in canine training and handling. After my testimony, this defense expert was called to testify by the defense. The defense expert provided the Court with his professional background; however, before being allowed to testify against my testimony, the Court immediately dismissed the defense witness citing how the Court was “extremely satisfied with the Police Narcotics Detector Team qualifications, knowledge, performance and credibility.” Having no concerns about the training and conduct of the detection services provided by my team, this “expert witness” was dismissed from the witness stand without providing testimony against my team.

Sincerely (It would be a considerable pleasure to provide further comment, if deemed necessary, concerning this issue at your convenience.)

J.F. Steele


Autauga County Sheriff’s Office     

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Eric Headley

It is with pleasure to provide this letter of recommendation to Instructor Sweet Davis. I first met Mrs. Davis in August 2009 and began training under her supervision in September 2009. I became a Certified Handler with Central Alabama Police K9 in October of 2009. 

I currently have my second police K-9. Both were department issued and were purchased through Central Alabama Police K9. Mrs. Davis’s classes were superior in instruction and teaching. Mrs. Davis’s instruction and continued training have prepared me for real-world deployments on the street as a police officer. 

Mrs. Davis is a very professional and highly qualified K-9 Instructor for working dogs. She is very dedicated to the industry of police working dogs. She devotes her time and energy to ensure you receive the best training available. She continues to give her time to keep training, at no cost to our department, on a bi-weekly basis to ensure. Federal guidelines are met. 

I know I have a Police K-9 that can be deployed in any situation, and I will be confident that he will perform above and beyond what is expected of him. 

If you are a Chief or an Administrator, and you are looking to start a K-9 program, I would highly recommend Mrs. Davis and Central Alabama Police K-9. 


Eric Headley

K-9 Corporal / 3rd Shift Supervisor Millbrook Police Department Work (334)285-6832

Cell (334) 850-2447 

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Chris Colley

Dear Sweet Davis

I have been in law enforcement for about 15 years. In Oct 2013, I became a canine officer and had been serving my community in that capacity since.

The department I work for decided to purchase a canine in 2013. I started going to some of the maintenance training at Central Alabama Police K9 with a couple of officers from local departments. I was introduced to Sweet Davis and was able to watch her training methods. Mrs. Davis began to describe some of the training methods to me as I watched the other officers and their canine partners.

Once the department purchased a dog from Central Alabama Police K9, I attended the CAPK9 narcotics canine handler course. Mrs. Davis was the lead instructor during the session and did most of the teaching herself. I have continued to go to biweekly maintenance training lead by Mrs. Davis.

Central Alabama Police K9 supplied a high-quality canine to my department. Mrs. Davis continues to assist in honing my handler skills as well as making my canine partner’s detection work even more reliable. Mrs. Davis is exceptionally knowledgeable in training methods for obedience, narcotics detection, explosives detection, trailing and tracking, and patrol work.

I would recommend Central Alabama Police K9 for anyone wishing to purchase a police K9 or search and rescue canine.


Chris Colley

Canine Handler, Deputy Sheriff

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Jeremiah Headley

Dear Sweet Davis

It is my purpose in writing today to provide a Letter of Reference for the Master Instructor / Trainer of the Central Alabama Police K9 Training Center, Mrs. Sweet Davis. During my Law Enforcement career, I have had the opportunity to utilize police canines in tracking, apprehension, and narcotics detection.

I began my training and journey as a K9 Handler in February of 2012 as a pupil of Mrs. Davis. It did not take long to realize that she is one of the hardest working, most dedicated individuals I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Mrs. Davis’ methods had many developed over many years of training with other handlers and instructors from across the globe. And the methods has proven to produce positive results in the field of enforcement as well as courts of law time and time again.

 I have personally conducted countless amounts of “sniffs” with canines that specialize in narcotics detection from traffic stops to narcotics search warrants. I am proud to say I have witnessed, first hand, Mrs. Davis’ hard work combined with the skills that were taught to me in handler school produce a 100% conviction rate in my career with both of the dogs I have worked. My testimony has never been discredited in a court of law when asked about the training that I have received from Mrs. Davis. I have also been involved with a specialized unit that dual purpose was to track and apprehend fleeing suspects through the use of K9’s. No matter what the scenario or risk level, I have never doubted the abilities of either the K9 team I have had the honor of being a part of. 

Any further inquiries would be my pleasure to answer as proficiently as possible at your convenience.

Respectfully Yours

Trooper Jeremiah Headley

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

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Dear [Sweet Davis]:

[I am writing to you regarding Sweet Davis. I have known Sweet for over four years, and have always known her to be an organized, responsible, and hardworking individual. I believe that her skills and experience make her an excellent candidate for whatever position she is applying for in your organization. ]

When I meet Sweet, she owned and operated Central Alabama Police Canine, where she was responsible for training schedules, direct training of handlers, keeping healthy fifteen plus K-9s daily, and controlled all the business aspects of Central Alabama Police Canine including buying and pairing handlers and future K-9s.

[During the time I have known her, Sweet has been training all handlers who enter through her course, pulling together over ten agencies together in coordinated efforts and assist law enforcement, and assisting handlers having problems one on one. Since I have known Sweet, I have never had a concern of calling her at any time asking for assistance in any K-9 Law Enforcement work or legal work I may need.]

[If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me by phone or email.]


(Senior K-9 Handler William Willis)